The Book of Kells

by lazell2

While the title of this blog might lead one to think that I am writing about a book; I am in fact not. The Book of Kells is a compilation of manuscripts. 

In 800 a colony of monks decorated and penned the manuscripts and bound them together creating a kodak. The history of this group of monks is quite interesting. Their monastery was founded in 561 in St Colum Cille on Iona. However, a Viking raid forced the monks to leave; they established themselves in Kells, County Meath. 

I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland during June 2012 and spent a while in Dublin. While there I visited the Trinity College Dublin library (The University of Dublin). The Book of Kells has been on display here since the mid 19th century. Currently the pages on display are Mark 1.1. and Matthew 14.12-23. For anyone interested in books should jump at the chance to visit this library. It is Heaven on Earth for anyone who can understand and appreciate all the hard work behind books.

Studying typography and the creating my own book gave me a small amount of knowledge to actually understand the true beauty of this manuscript. I was fascinated to actually see the product of amazing craftsmanship techniques that I had only studied. I knew there would not be a better manuscript for me to studying. In fact, I wish I had studied the book before I saw it. However, having this chance to study this subject only makes me want to go back!

Going back to Ireland to specifically to study the manuscript is not likely, so I have decided to study the second best—an iPad app. The Book of Kells iPad app features intricately detailed pictures and provides information and history on the manuscript. This app comes at a fraction of what the actual book would sell for… 13 euros, about 17 US dollars. I consider that a bargain! 



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